Selous Game Reserve

Selous Game Reserve

Things to do - general

Typically, Selous offers wonderful views of wild animals. The number of lakes alongside the main circuit is a great place to view the distinctively numerous giraffes and also many ungulates like waterbucks, zebras, impalas plus buffaloes. The waterholes are usually monitored by starving lions and every now and then it is possible to witness a kill.
Wildlife specials
The Wild dogs are some of the key attractions inside the Selous. Additionally, the Reserve is home to several scarce antelope species including the puku and sable. Also, the black rhinos are commonly seen although at times could be found in the remote regions of the Reserve.
Best time for wildlife viewing
Starting in June to October is the dry-season which is the ideal time to observe wildlife in the park.

Country Tanzania
Languages spokenSwahili
Currency usedTanzanian Shilling
Area (km2)54,600 km²

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