12 Great Tanzania National Parks – 2018

tanzania national park

Tanzania National Park – Overview

Tanzania has been blessed with many destinations. Perhaps you have been there before and witness some of the beautiful spots from Mountains, nature, wildlife, culture and its people and without forgetting the exotic beaches. This recently Tanzania was voted as the best safari destination in Africa by the famous safari review website named Safaribooking.com. This means Tanzania is growing its popularity as a safari destination and hence increase the number of tourist coming to visit and see the beauty of this country. But today I want to share with you the overview of the famous places which made Tanzania rate 5 as the safari destination in Africa. Most of this places are National Parks with unique nature and a huge amount of wildlife.

Selous National Park:

Well, probably you haven’t heard much about this biggest game reserve in Africa which covers 54600 km2 in Southern Tanzania, the Large numbers of elephants, black rhinoceroses, cheetahs, giraffes, hippopotamuses, and crocodiles live in amazing nature. Secluded and off the beaten track with less number of tourist and undisturbed wilderness. Located in southern Tanzania and far from the madding crowds. Around 219km from Dar-es-salaam and almost 4hrs drive. Tarangire national park

Tarangire National Park:

Located 153km away from Arusha, a 3 hours drive, Tarangire National Park is an adversary of Serengeti plains due to its breathtaking landscape and nature which has the counterpart of Serengeti National Park. This park is famous for Baobab trees and packed with the high concentration of elephants herds. Tarangire National Park offers visitors an uncrowded, scenic safari experience with the fabulous and varied landscape. it is also famous for a day tour trips from Arusha. tanzania national park

Ruaha National Park:

This is the largest national park in Tanzania, covers around 20,226 km² in the South of Tanzania, the main attraction in this park is the river the Great Ruaha which attracts so many animals during a dry season and the very recent activity added which is Balloon Tour when you can view animals and varieties of nature while on a balloon. You can visit the park all year round but at its peak from May to October. Over 300km drive from Dar-es-salaam Ruaha is dotted with the impressive baobab tree in some of the areas. It advisable to hire a guide to visit this park due to its vastness so you can have the best wildlife view. tanzania national park

Serengeti National Park:

Well, there is a lot to say about this National Park which covers 14,750km2 in the north of Tanzania, 235km drive from Arusha Town with about 5 hours Drive, Serengeti National park stand as the best safari park in Africa with its famous annual wildebeest migration. For you to have the best experience make sure you visit during the annual Migration where you can see millions of wildebeest and Zebra crossing along the river to Maasai Mara, Kenya, but you can visit the park throughout a year. Since Serengeti it is a vast land then you will need an experienced guide who can assist you to explore the area. Don’t forget your camera and binocular since animals might be seen from the far most of the time. tanzania national parks

Kilimanjaro National Park:

The highest point in Africa, which stands 5895 m above the sea level, Kilimanjaro mountain which recently won as the best adventure in African, is the best top activity someone can do during a Holiday in Tanzania. Apart from just hiking to the roof of Africa, Kilimanjaro offers the best scenery and nature you have never seen before. There are several routes (Machame, Marangu, Lemosho, Umbwe, Rongai and Northern Circuit)which one can take to climb to the top and these routes have different number of days you can use to climb, the minimum is 5 and maximum is 9 and  normally the more the numbers of days the higher the success rate and the other way around. tanzania national park

Lake Manyara National Park:

Covers the area of 325 km 2 and located close on the way to Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National park, 110km from Arusha town and 1:30 hr drive, Lake Manyara national park is one among the dramatical and unique destination in Tanzania which many people use as a soft introduction to safari in northern Tanzania. Manyara consists of the different ecosystem from forest to Savannah. View groups of flamingos from the lake and with best photograph spot. tanzania national park

Mahale National Park:

Located far west of Tanzania covers 1613km2, Mahale National park is what we call hidden treasure, the park can be accessible by boat from Kigoma which can take 130km from Kigoma town to the park cross the deepest and oldest Lake in the world, Lake Tanganyika. Best spot for hiking while viewing chimpanzee around, there are no roads inside the park, get best photos shot from different scenery, view hundreds of birds species and reptiles, you can even do snorkeling, fishing or boat safari and kayaking, if that is not enough you can be more active and climb to the top of Mahale mountain for 2 days. instead of sitting in the jeep the whole day then this can be a good substitute for those who are seeking active adventures. arusha national park

Ngorongoro Crater:

Your Holiday in Tanzania won’t be complete well unless you visit Ngorongoro Crater, the name itself is famous around the world, its beauty and number of animals you can see is over imaginary since it is a popular place to visit also it has a high traffic especially during the high season. Over 500,000 people will visit this place which covers 8,292 km2 (3,202 sq mi) and about 193km from Arusha Town and almost 4hrs drive, Ngorongoro crater a breathtakingly beautiful setting and the best place in Tanzania to see the Big Five. This is a must to see Tour Activity while in Tanzania, best view, best nature and lots of adventure. Ngorongoro’s crown is 600m deep and about 20kms across.Ngorongoro crater

Mikumi National Park:

This fourth largest National park in Tanzania covers the area of 3230 km2 in the south of Tanzania which can take 3 to 4 hours drive from Dar-es-salaam, this park contains very unique features and varieties of many wild animals which you can be a very good substitute for those parks in the North especially when you don’t have enough time for safari. It is possible to hire a guide at the Mikumi gate if you are from Dar-es-salaam otherwise you can always book a tour from any tour operator to take you there. mikumi national apark

Katavi National Park:

One of the remoteness park in Tanzania which you can access easily by flight which always a departure from Dar-es-salaam twice a week, Katavi national park which was name after the Wabende spirit, Katabi who according to local legend lives in a tamarind tree near Lake Katavi. This  4 500 km² park is famous for mobile camping and not luxury camping, you will be away from people and tourist traffic and get the experience of a bush life and nature, the only sound you will hear will come from the animals and nature. Katavi National Park is Tanzania’s third largest park stands as the best safari destination especially for those adventure seeker and those who wish to get lost in nature and finally find themselves. It is more than a lifetime experience. Tarangire National Park, Tanzania

Udzungwa Mountain National Park:

Located about 350km from Dar-es-salaam and covers the area of 1990km2, Udzungwa National Park is worth a visit especially for the people like hiking then this might be a paradise to them, Udzungwa gives the best view and study of nature which contain 6 species of primates, 2 of which (Iringa red colobus and the Sanje crested Mangabey) occur nowhere else in the world. This park is a must do when visiting the southern circuit of Tanzania. The vertical height of the Udzungwa forests ranges from 250 m to 2,576 m and with numerous forest trails also A half day tour to Sanje waterfall at a towering 170 m is definitely worth doing. tanzania national park

Saadani National Park:

Saadani National Park is a place for adventurous and luxury travelers as well as families. Accommodation on offer includes public campsites, luxury lodges and tented camps in- and outside the National Park. This 1062km2 area between Dar-es-salaam and Tanga will give you the best experience from cultural activities, clean and white beaches lined with palm beach. If you were thinking of observing the wildlife while spending a moment on the beach then Saadani is the place for you. Activities in Sadaani National Park include game drives, boat safaris and walking safaris accompanied by an armed ranger. tanzania national park

Tanzania is the big country with many destinations, when you plan to visit this beautiful country you will probably need someone to arrange you a nice tour package or link you with any tour operator who is specializing on those destinations. At Shizi Safaris, we focus on giving the best experience to those who wish to visit Tanzania either by arranging a tour for them or give any advice about travel to Tanzania. Drop us an Email if you will have any question about Tanzania Holidays or traveling to Tanzania, our destination experts will be happy to help you.

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